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Watership Down Illustration Series

Sept 4, 2017 by Sabine Wilder

Buckthorn, Bluebell, Hazel.

Hawkbit, Blackberry, Holly.

Speedwell, Strawberry, Silwerweed.

Bigwig, Toadflax, Woundwort.

Fiver, Pipkin, Silver.

Dandelion, Grounsel, Thethuthinnang.

Hyzenthley, Clover, Cowslip.

Campion, Vervain, Bartsia.

Blackavar, El-arairah, Acron.

Chervil, Avens, The Black Rabbit.

I've writen a blog article about the creation of this series, which you can read here. Select pieces from this series are available as t-shirts, prints, phone cases and just about anything else you can print on, in my TeePublic store.

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